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FOCUS ON….. Dumbleton Bricks

A Mr Edward Holland, owner of Dumbleton Hall, established the Dumbleton brickworks to provide bricks for works across his estate.

The earlier bricks produced there in the Eighteenth Century, were of mixed colour containing a quantity of brown / burnt bricks but by the Nineteenth Century they were making a more orange brick of a finer texture stamped with the ‘Dumbleton’ name.

History shows that by 1851, the brickworks were managed by a William Taylor with a James Taylor later taking control in the 1880’s. Some later bricks were produced with the stamp of James Taylor & Son. The brick works had closed by 1901.

As you can imagine, with this small scale production and localised use, reclaimed Dumbleton bricks rarely come available but, if you walk through the village you will see them used in numerous buildings and, on the site of the old brick work stands a pair of cottages know as ‘Brickyard Cottages’