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FOCUS ON….. Stone Troughs

Thought to originate from the old english word ‘Troh’, troughs were a necessary part of our history. Labourisly carved from a single block of stone, they were used to provide feed and water to animals. Not only would you find them in farmyards and fields, but it was also common for them to be placed on roadsides or towpaths for the use of livestock being moved past.

We come across a range of stone troughs here at Winchcombe Reclamation from large cattle or horse troughs through to smaller examples which would have been used for shorter legged aimals such as pigs or sheep. We have large pieces which would have been used to splay through a wall and serve two seperate fields to small ‘D-shaped’ troughs which may have been used with a water pump. The majority of our stock is local Cotswold limestone although we do come across Pennant stone, Sandstone and granite too.

From the early to mid 1800’s, cast iron was more commonly used in the production of troughs ad feeders but we believe that you can’t beat the rustic beauty of an original, natural stone trough which can be built into many garden designs for use as decoration, planters or water features.