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As always, a New Year brings new design trends with it. We’ve had a quick look at what to expect in 2024:

In the world of interiors this year, we will see designs trending out of greys and into Browns. This will be seen, not only in fabrics and textiles but in cabinetry and casegoods – so your heirloom piece of brown furniture may finally get a chance to shine!

Sustainability will continue to be important with an empshasis on concious spending throughout a project – we are still dealing with a cost of living crisis and this makes us carefully consider how we spend our hard earned. Upcycling and re-purposing will continue to be prominent.

Overall, we are likely to see a step away from technology and ‘smart’ homes filled with touch screens and bright LED’s towards a desire for mechanical details and old fashioned switches. Anything handmade or vintage will have great appeal to create eclectic spaces with human irregualrity and character.