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FOCUS ON….. Ridge Tiles

We all take the roofs on our homes for granted and, unless they’re leaking, no one gives them too much thought. However, apart from being essential to keep the rain out, they can also have very interesting features especially in older properties.

The point where the two sides of a sloping roof meet at its apex is called the ridge and this needs to be covered by something weatherproof and heavy enough to withstand strong winds and storms. Hence the need for ridge tiles and there are masses of different types, styles and profiles to choose from.

Half round ridge is the most common, manufactured in either clay or concrete and typically between 300mm and 450mm in length. Others are triangular  / angled in profile and are sometimes belted or collared so that they interlock and provide a more durable fixing. Throughout the Cotswolds, you will find hand carved stone ridges sitting atop traditional stone or slate roofs.

The Victorians, always ones to make a statement, developed decorative ridge and there are a lot of them. Designs include crested, roll top, Fleur d’Lys and, for a bit of good luck, four leaf clover designs.

The crowning glory of some ridge lines are decorative finials which are often intricately cast on clay and then fired.

So, next time you’re out and about, take a minute to look up and spot some of these different fittings. Here at Winchcombe Reclamation, we have a huge stock of reclaimed clay, terracotta, concrete and stone ridges in a wide range of different colours and profiles to complement our selection of reclaimed slate and clay roof tiles – why not call in and see what we have to offer?