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6 inch Quarry Tiles Main Image | Our top 3 buys for November
finished timbers2 | Our top 3 buys for November
almirahs | Our top 3 buys for November

1: QUARRY TILES Autumn and Winter unavaoidably bring with them cold, wet weather and with this comes muddy boots! Reclaimed quarry tiles are an ideal flooring to stand up to this. Easy to install, clean and maintain, they make a great choice for porches, hallways, utilities and (mucky) boot rooms.

2: LINTEL BEAMS Now is the time of year where your fireplace takes centre stage. Maybe you’re embarassed by the firesurround left from the previous house owners that you never got around to replacing, maybe you’re mid-renovation and were lucky enough to open up a long forgotton fireplace or maybe you simply wish to give the existing one an update. Either way, our selection of reclaimed timbers make ideal lintel beams for fireplaces and, as we have already cleaned, sanded, treated and waxed them, they are ready for instant installation.

3: STORAGE There is an ever-increasing need for storage these days and we think that these Almirahs may be the solution. Made from antique carved wooden doors and panels and constructed into cabinets, they make for practical, yet beautiful storage. The open wire-fronted example lets you display linen or crockery….the one with the solid door can hide a multitude of mess!