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FOCUS ON…. Timber

We carry an extensive range of reclaimed timber at Winchcombe Reclamation. From small beams for use as lintels or over mantles to large section timbers. Some of these are uniform and rectangular in their look, others bear the cuts declaring their former use as joist hangers or rafters. Some have had previous lives as ships timbers. All are unique.

A quantity of these beams have been processed; carefully sanded, treated and waxed to a high finish ready for use and you will find these standing upright in the main showroom (knowing how tactile these are, you are welcome to touch them as you pass…!)

We also have large stocks of timber in its ‘raw’ state which can be sold as is or processed to order. This includes ‘live edge’ / ‘waney edge’ pieces suitable for tabletops, counters or sturdy shelves. Should you be looking for QP1 / constructional timbers, new European oak can be supplied.

Reclaimed wooden flooring is also available. We try to keep complete floors together as a batch that can be used again as a complete floor but also carry large amounts of random boarding suitable for patching and repairs.

Options include oak, elm and pine to name a few. Our floorboarding is sold de-nailed in general but can be processed further if required. We can also provide new solid and engineered flooring in a number of widths and finishes which offer an alternative to reclaimed boards.