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FOCUS ON……Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

Natural stone has been used as paving for Centuries and the finest example of this is York stone. This Yorkshire sandstone is known to have been quarried since the 1400’s and by the Eighteenth Century, had become a large industry providing flagstones, masonry & roofing materials. Appreciated for its high quality and durability, Yorkstone was used throughout the Country.

Today, the use of reclaimed f;agstones, with their warm, weathered patina of age, can add instant character to a space and even add value to a property.

There is, of course, varying quality to be found within the different grades of this product, from rough faced, mis-shapen ‘crazy’ paving to the larger, heavier mill flags. (Commonly referred to in the trade as ‘ball breakers’ due to the difficulty in moving / laying such huge pieces of stone which can easily be up to 5″ in thickness!) From good quality riven faced external paving through to the premium ‘Cathedral’ grade and sawn examples.

At Winchcombe Reclamation, we always carry extensive stocks of Yorkstone paving with a minimum of 300msq in stock at any one time. Our stock includes high quality riven York ideal for external projects. These random sized flags have a naturally rivened face and a good range of colouring. If a more formal look is required, stright edged, smooth faced sawn York is an option. The majority of these would have been street flag in a previous life and are of regulated depth and often of common widths to be easily laid in ‘courses’. We also stock ‘Cathedral grade’ which is the cream of the crop with a well worn, smooth surface which would suit either external or internal use.

It is recommended, as a purchaser, that you consider these options and choose carefully what is best suited to your project. There are various price brackets but do take into account the added costs of haulage and labour. And remember, due to the durability of this product, it will be a job that will only need doing once as, once laid, it will last a lifetime. A true investment.