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As we say Goodbye to 2022 and welcome in the New Year, lets take a look at some potential design trends we are likely to see in 2023…..

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, many of us have had to ‘pare back’ in some ways. This has also been seen in the world of interiors and this year we will continue to see a step away from embelishment towards a simpler style.

Not suprisingly, during an economic downturn, DIY and home decor tend to be put on the back burner for most people. This will further boost the trend for ‘upcycling’ and re-purposing existing elements and lead to spaces combining multiple styles.

Sustainability will continue to be increasingly important to us, with sustainable buying and seconhand resources at the forefront of many schemes. Overall, designs will be calmer with a move towards nature insprired spaces, bringing outside elements in and including textured materials such as live-edged timber and natural stone.