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There are a number of different tiles and fittings that you may need for your roofing project:

PLAIN TILES – Either machine-made or handmade, plain tiles make up the majority of your roof covering. These commonly measure aprox 6″ x 10″ or 7″ x11″ and as a guide, you will need around 60nr per Msq

UNDEREAVES – These are a shorter version of the plain tile, sitting along the top and bottom of the roof plane

TILE AND HALF / GABLE TILES – As they say, these are one and a half times the size of the plain tile. Found running up the rafter sides of your elevation, they give you the correct spacing for laying overlapping courses of tiles

VALLEY TILES / HIP TILES – These are angled fittings used to run up the hip or down the valley of a roof and come in various profiles. You will need to find these fittings in the correct pitch for your roof and we are happy to help with this.

RIDGE – Finally, you will need ridge tiles to sit atop of your roof to ensure it is weatherproof